iShell r6 4.5

A complex tool to build DVDs and CDs


  • Import any media
  • Save by projects
  • Four views


  • Crashes
  • Lacks any guidance

Not bad

iShell claims to help you create your own DVDs and CDs from the bottom up. The application works as a project manager, into which you can import any media, whether text, images, video or more.

Add behaviors to trigger actions and manage your projects from one of the four different views available: outline, layout, test and timeline.

The trouble is that iShell lacks any guidance. Sure there's a crash course PDF to read what iShell is about and how it works, but as soon as you start the application you're on your own.

We were also surprised by the instability of the program. We never managed to test it properly as it kept freezing up every time we tried working with a newly created project.

However, advanced users who already have some experience with applications like Flash or Director MX should take the time to understand iShell.

It allows you to add enough plugins and create many commands to build your very own CD if you know how to use the program properly.

Definitely not a program for beginners, iShell is a complex application to create cross platform CDs.

iShell is the fastest way to build secure, interactive, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. Build cross-platform CD-ROMs with interactive movies and other rich media in a fraction of the time required by other tools.



iShell r6 4.5

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